Front fork oil level...

Here's the problem...Had a leaky front fork seal. Did the feeler gauge trick and no more leak, but I wanted to top off the fluid in that fork to match the level in the other fork. First of all the mechanic at the dealer said you can't really be sure the forks are the same unless you completley diassemble each fork, drain them completely and refill. Is this really true? I don't think alot leaked out so I really don't think I am going to go thru that much trouble. But when I tried to remove the top cap, on the leaky fork to add fluid, it didn't want to come out....felt like it was still 'connected' to something. Is that just a rubber 'plunger' thingy that is for the damper settings. Do I need to remove the damper set screw first...Or Should I just grab ahold of the top cap with some channel locks and pull the whole thing out...I just don't want to screw up this fork and have to pay the dealer a fortune to rebuild it....

The fork-cap is attached to a rod-like structure which passes through the spring. I assume you haven't seen this as you are trying to do it with the forks still on the bike. You will need to drop the front of the bike so that the forks compress. Then you need to get a thin 17mm spanner and insert it through the 2nd coil from the top of the spring and get it on the hex part of that rod. Then undo the fork cap (socket over the hex nut where the damping adjustment screw is located, while holding the spanner).

To get the fork cap off you'll need to loosen the top clamp.Then it should come off pretty easy.


When I'm at the track and need to make a quick adjustment to oil level, I loosen the top triple clamp, loosen the two fork top caps, remove the bars, and use a tie-down to lift the wheel and forks to full bottom.

This leaves the springs and top caps sticking up out of the forks. (bike on stand...of course)

From there you can level the two if you can sneak a tool down past the spring. Or you can remove the top cap and springs and adjust the oil level as the manual states (considering that your forks are at a slight angle).

When you get good at this, it's a 10 minute job. You should be fine.

Write us if you have any problems.


I use a set Dial Calipers to measure the oil

paint gloss black the tip if the shaft this shows the oil if to high more clearly.

I use a small eye dropper with a long thin 1/8 clear tube to add or remove oil.

Its a little archaic but it works.

If you have a syringe with a needle you can add fork oil through the air bleeder screws! 25cc=About 10mm +?-mm or 2. :)

I'm with you, I prefer the syringe every time!

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