For Sale

Old style BBR exhaust $100

Stock TTR 125L swingarm $50

TT-R90 $1000

powroll 101kit

powroll cam

FMF exhaust

Tall seat foam

Fly bars.

he do you have a pic of that exhast? i might be interested.


Its like the one on this bike. I know its not a good pic. Its basically looks like a gold Big Gun.


can i get a picture i might be interested.


I dont have a pic of mine. Can you see the pic i posted form the bbr website? Mine is in good shape the only thing is the bbr logo on it is scratched up.

about how much power does it give? significantly less than their current one?


NO i think its about the same. The new one just looks different and has a spark arrestor in it (whitch I took out). Any thing is better than stock.

so this one does not have a spark arestor?


Wait how much for the pipe?

No spark arestor..................$100

can you get a spark arestor from BBR to put on it?


I doubt it the new BBR ones come with a removable one. You would have to call BBR to find out for sure.

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