What does your manual says about weight?

My 02 WR250F states on page 2-1 under "General Specifications":

"Basic weight: With oil and full tank 242.5 lb (110 kg)"

Since the stock tank has 3.2 gal, with gas being around 6.5 lbs per gallon = 20.8 lbs (being conservative, gas is probably closer to 7 lb/gal), the dry weight would be 221.7 lbs.

Not bad, I can live with a full load at 242.5 lbs if the book is not lying! :D

I'm curious about the rest of the blue crew, you guys/gals with the 01, 02, 03 - YZs/WRs, 250F, 426F & 450F, what do your manuals state? True weights or not, this would be a neat thread to follow as far as the manual is concerned... :)

I just took a quick peek at my manual. I have a 2001 YZ250F and the manual states that the bikes wieght is 230lbs with gas and oil.

My gas tank holds 2.11 gallons. Using your formula, a dry tank would help me lose 14 3/4lbs which would knock the total wieght down to 216lbs.

I figure with most of the after market mods I have probably lost close to another 6lbs which would equal out to a total of 210lbs.

Wow!!!!! :)

Now you really got me thinking about wieght. Makes me want to go down and compare after market to stock just to see how much wieght I'm saving.

I definitely liked your post. I never really put much thought into the wieght of my bike because it always felt light to me. But now you definitely have me thinking about ways to save even more wieght.

I definitely would like to see a comparison with some of the newer bikes.


...or better yet - do a search on the subject and see what the real weights have turned out to be. ...hint the stock WR250F came in at 239~240 lbs by many members scales and DB magazine. This was weighed wet/no gas - as all bikes SHOULD be weighed. The YZ250F is reported to be about 14lbs lighter.

I think I am going to look into it. I'll make a post when I can get an accurate weight reading.

How did other members go about weighing their bikes?

I have a scale at work, but I don't see my boss being very happy with me dragging in my scoot.

I simply used a bathroom scale - one wheel at a time. Make sure you lift the wheel not being weighed to the height of the wheel being weighed or your total will come up a few pounds short.

BTW: Those weights were for the 01/02s - not the 03s.

Here is another method:

1) Weigh yourself on a scale

2) Weigh yourself + a wood board base + bike stand

3) Figure out the weight of the wood board base + bike stand

4) Put your bike (no gas or full of gas) on wood board base + bike stand on scale

5) Subtract the wood board base + bike stand from step 4 - voila! :)

03 yz250f says 224 lbs. with oil and a full tank of gas.

I weighed my 01 WR250f when I bought it and went to the local recycling center that has a certified scale. Weight:245lbs with no gas, fork, engine,shock oil in bike, air in tires (not the nitrogen that Yamaha uses), oil in air filter and the stock exaust at 4300 feet altitude with 10mph winds from the west and humidity at 40%.

This is free and requires no guess work plus keeps the wife from wondering why there is a Dunlop 490/695 tread pattern on the scale she uses 10 times a day.

253 lbs with heavy duty tubes/devol radiator guards/hand guards/skid plate etc.. basically stuff to protect bike.

Full tank gas adds 20 pounds.


Are you saying that your bike fully loaded with liquids and protection gear is ~273 lbs? Yikes! :)

I was afraid if my bike with all the protections would be over 270 lbs. :D

Sean/z4me - did you get the same weight (~240 lbs) when using your bathroom scale on your 01 WR250F?

If the actual members' weights are closer to the manual weights, then Yamaha is pretty much lying in their published documents and we should probably look at the manuals' weights as the weights without fuel. From what I've gathered so far:

01 WR250F actual = 245 lbs (from montanaWR250F)

02 WR250F manual = 242.5 lbs (no actual posted yet)

01 YZ250F manual = 230 lbs (no actual yet)

02 YZ250F manual = ?

03 YZ350F manual = 224 lbs (no actual yet)

E.G.O., what does your YZ426 manual say about its weight?

Any WR426 owners out there with their manual available?

Any YZ426 owners out there with their manual available?

Any YZ450 owners out there with their manual available?

My manual says Im to dang fat for the bike and need to loose 20 lbs

Hope it helps :)

My manual says 250 lbs. I'll the exact wgt tonight. I'm going to weigh mine (00 426) and my friend's (02 426) on a large digital scale. I'll post the results.

I meant 249 lbs....sorry

Thanks Jed - let us know...

Did the actual weighing over the weekend, here is my results for my tricked out 02 WR250F and my bone stock 02 TTR-125L:

WR250F -> 269 - 14(stand & 2x4 stumps) - 6.5(1 gal) = 238.5 lbs

TTR-125L -> 204 - 14 - 9.75(1.5 gal) = 180.25 lbs

To recap:

02 TTR-125L actual = 180.25 lbs(no fuel, stock)

01 WR250F actual = 245 lbs (from montanaWR250F's tricked out bike)

02 WR250F manual = 242.5 lbs(full fuel), actual = 238.5 lbs(no fuel, my tricked out bike)

01 YZ250F manual = 230 lbs (no actual weights yet)

02 YZ250F manual = ?

03 YZ250F manual = 224 lbs (no actual weights yet)

03 YZ450F manual = ?


My manual says Im to dang fat for the bike and need to loose 20 lbs

EGO, I'm with you. I found that page in the manual and it turns out I'm too fat AND slow! :):D


What page would that be? I want to see what my manual says about me... :)

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