Good deal on 426?

I think this is a crazy good deal, but I don't really know. I only weigh 140 Lbs, should I just go for the 250?

Anything I should watch out for on it?


seems like a good deal....but who knows. Go ride it and check it out, ask the guy a lot of questions and see how much he knows about the bike himself...

Yeah, thats what I was thinking. $1500 is not that much, I just need to sell my old bike and get some money from my B-day or something and I can afford it. :banghead:


I just got my '02 WR426 for 2k. It has Works connection fram guards, ASV levers and a couple of other bits, but nothing major. I think I got a great deal - the bike runs like a raped ape. That ad looks like something worth looking into.

Darn, he already sold it. Thanks for the help guys.

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