Will this work???

I found a upper triple clamp and stabilizer for sale from an 2001 WR426. I have a 2001 WR250. Are the forks the same diameter on the 250 and 426 or are they different. Thanks for the help!


By the way... anyone going to the GP this weekend at Washougal? I am hoping to make it.

I put my 01 YZ426 scotts T clamp and stabilizer on my 01 YZ250F. It fit perfectly. The WRs will too.

Excellent! :) Thanks for the quick reply. Ace

According to specs, the 250F and 426F both use Kayaba's 46mm forks, so they should fit...

My wife and I switched upper triple clamps. They bolt right up, no problems. On the 01 the barmounts on the 250f are forward and taller than the 426.


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