First Time WFO on your CRF450?

So what was it like the first time you tried WFO on your 450?

After a couple months of getting to know my new '03 450, I finally had the guts to try that last 1/4 throttle yesterday. Unbelievable! I was in 3rd gear going pretty fast at about 3/4 throttle up a medium hill (the return road to the parking lot at the end of Trail 2 at Metcalf), and decided that it was time to finally try pegging the throttle. After all, I was at pretty high revs already, so it should'nt get too weird, right?

Holy crappp!! :) I peg the throttle and instantly the front wheel claws up in a Schwartzenegger power wheelie and I absolutley *launch* up the hill. Unbelievable shot-from-a-cannon, full-afterburner acceleration. Wow!

Maybe the two-smoke guys are used to this stuff. But with all the fun, brute-strength power down in the lower 3/4 throttle of the 450, I sure as heck didn't expect tripling the acceleration at WFO. I still giggle every few minutes just thinking about it. Can't wait 'til I get back out....


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