U.S. Open in Las Vegas

Is anyone going?

since july, the only tickets left sucked, were going to skip this year.

Luckily I bought mine way back. My buddy said the same thing. It is a very small venue.

My wife bought some tickets from mgm grand directly, so I take it back, I am going. Haven't missed one yet.

staying at bellagio

Man, you guys are lucky Vegas and Motocross, it doesn't get any better than that. One of these days I will make it out there for the open.

Have fun, Marc

I am going and I have some extra tickets. I have the VIP with the pit passes at least two.I am looking for a place to rent a bike atv ect. for Sunday. does anyone have any ideas????

Well my plane arrives in Vegas around 11:30 Sunday, I didnt realize that it was this weekend, we just happened to decide to go for vacation. I sure wish I would have known because according to the schedule the races start at 11:00 on Sunday.


02 CRF

99 R1----for sale

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