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DRZ400S Supermoto project - any advice?

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Hello all, new here.

I've just acquired a DRZ-S which was an insurance write-off. It's been cosmetically wrecked by the kids who stole it and the wiring is completely shot. But engine, frame, suspension and wheels look fine.

My plan is to rebuild it as cheap as poss (eg only using genuine Suzuki parts where necessary), then give it the Supermoto treatment.

Here's a list of the parts (below) that are shagged/missing - if anyone has secondhand items for sale (and is in the Midlands, UK!) then get in touch to sean_warwick@hotmail.com

Otherwise I'd be interested to hear the experience of anyone who has supermoto'd their DRZ - what parts you used; did they bolt straight on? Were they good value etc.

Model: Suzuki DRZ400-S

Year: 2000

Colour: Blue

Top yoke stanchion clamp bolts + washers x 2


Left hand switchgear set

Right hand switchgear set

Complete wiring loom

Ignition barrel + set of keys

Air filter box cover (if there is one)

Battery housing/mounting + fixings


Battery earth lead

Workshop manual

Left hand engine cover + gasket

Neutral sensor(?) (eg thing on lh side bottom of engine near gear lever with 3 wires coming out of it!)

Radiator sensors(?) x 2 (eg things that screw into top of rads, with wires coming out of them!)

Pillion footrests + fixings (probably won’t bother)

Speedo cable

Speedo drive cable retaining bolt

Complete instruments assembly

Fuel tank + fixings

Fuel filler cap and breather

Radiator shrouds + fixings

Brake lever

Clutch lever

All side panels + fixings

Air filter (and cage, if there is one)

Full set indicators + fixings

Complete front headlight assembly + fixings

Complete rear light assembly/ reg plate holder + fixings

Or is this an overambitious project?!

All comments welcome

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Wow, it looks like you have some work ahead of you. :D

I think it would be a fun winter project, and you should be able to find several DRZ supermoto guys for advice. Send me an email vrecksler@hotmail.com with some questions and I will let you know what I have done with mine. :)

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Got any pictures of that thing?

It must have been cheap!

If you're going to use your standard caliper with a 320mm disc, you'll need a relocation bracket.

I've got one for sale. It's gold anodized and like new.

I'm asking $50 AUD which is around $25 US.

Good luck with your project.

Mike. :)

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