Does anyone know if the swingarm is painted or powdercoated?

I have access to powdercoating if I supply the right color.

If it's painted I need the color #.

I hope someone out there has already went through the trouble of finding this all out and make it easier for me. :)

Someone posted a polished swingarm not too long ago and it looked trick, but I'm sorta lazy in the "keeping it looking shiny" department so I'll try to make it look stock. I would like to know more about how the small covers were polished..they too looked great!

The '03 are annodized. I believe the other years are painted.

Annodizing was yet another way Yamaha cut weight on the 03 450. Paint is much heaver.

Get it annodized gold so you look pimp.

I am not sure if you can get powdercoating in a gloss finish, if you can go for it, it is a very durable finish. The same shop could probably do it in epoxy, nearly as tough and definitely available in gloss.

As for the weight gain, paint probably adds at least 1-2oz. at best, so I wouldn't sweat it.

Annodize it blue!

There was a great thread on how to annodize. I have a link at home for a web site on how to annodize. I have not done anything myself but them triple clamps on my bike are begging for blue.


I think that the 03' is the first year with an aluminum swingarm???? I thought my 02' was painted steel. I may be smoking crack. If so, powder it baby!

Does anyone know if the swingarm is painted or powdercoated?

The swingarm is painted on the '98-'02 YZFs

i'd strip the paint off and run it raw aluminum,maybe scuff some consistant scratches in it.

Take it to a panel shop, dunno if you call it that over there, the place where you take your car when you smash it,they should be able to match the colour but get some extra mixed up so you can sell it to some other folks over there, at an inflated price :):D :D

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