Best way to take graphics off

What is the best way to peel the stickers off the bike? Do you heat them up or any other tricks to get the graphics off.

I use a heat gun but a good hair dryer should work. There is still residue left sometimes and requires a solvent to remove.

hair dryer works for me. it's also useful in putting them on.

I also use a hair dryer. A heat gun can be dangerous. Also to put the new graphics on heat them up with a hair dryer and spray plenty of windex. This way you can lift and move them until they are straight. Then squeegy the windex and bubbles out.

Excellent tips. Thanks. The windex idea is killer.

I used the windex to position all my graphics on my various hobby objects and never had aproblem until i did a pair of N-Style Graphics on the shouds. The windex seem to take away some of the adhesive strenght from the sticker. be carefull with that.

Heat and a gentle touch...pull slow and gives the glue a chance to release.

I use the Windex trick as well....with a twist. I run my hand over the area I've sprayed to help pop all the little bubbles in the Windex. I know it sounds crazy but it cuts way down on the bubbles you have to work out from under the graphic!

I also found an easy way to heat new graphics up before working with them...put them on top of the dryer! It's flat and not TOO hot. :)

I just pull the sucker off and use some brake cleaner to get the rest of the residue off.

Anybody tried just using water with a drop of dishwashing liquid? My cousin puts decals on his company's new trucks every year and that is what he uses. I tried it on some small decals and it seemed to work okay. I think windex has ammonia in it and that is probably hard on the adhesive.

talked to n-style today, said nix on the windex, it will harm the adhesive. just be patient and use a hair dryer!

03 450f adding goodies daily

By far, the best method of taking them off that I have seen is using my pressure washer. It never fails that I always remove graphics with it! It takes them right off.

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