Are our frames weak or am I just fat!?

Im not sure what I hit or how I done it but my frame just below my footpeg and to the side of the skidplate is caved all the way in. WOW!

The pictures dont really do it justice but this is the only place on my bike the powdercoating has came off. :D:)


I challenge anyone else to beat this frame damage!

i did the same thing a month ago on the right side. lost the rear on some ice and slid into a big rock.


What kind of Skid Plate are you running, My White Bros Covers the frame from front to rear. Man that looks nasty.

Bonzai :)

Darin, I have done the same thing on my 2000 426.

It hurts at first but then you don't see it very much afterwards...

You're just fat. :D:)

Thanks Stumpy, thats what I wanted to hear. :D:D

Yamakaze, I use the MSR skidplate. It is the "shovel" type. (as i have heard it referred to on here)

I dont think the aera that got hit could be covered by any skid plate. But I wouldnt have thought it would cave in like it did either.

I dont think it hurt anything other than the cosmetic look. I just hope the person i sell the bike to dosent see it! :)

It's not like you ever ride in rocks down at chadwick, all than nice loam dirt :) .

I have done the same thing in a few places on the lower frame. Then I put on a skid plate(nice carbon fiber thing) and have already beat it almost to death. ???? I may have to revalve the rear of the bike, as it has a severe bottoming problem, even on the trails. :)

I'm here for you, MO

Jekel, You ride Chadwick and put a carbon fiber plate on! OW!

Chadwick will eat one of those for breakfast.

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First thing I did when I came home was look at the area on my bike that corresponds to your damaged area....My first thought was, Why would a skid plate manufacturer not extend the back end of the plate to cover that entire area? Does not make any scense to me. Mine is exposed as you implied. I think I'm gonna see my local machine shop manager next week and see if we can figure out a way to protect that area.

Thanks for the heads up....

Bonzai :)

You should have seen the bottom of my 96' XR200 frame made your bikes frame look like it came off the showroom. A year and a half on the MX track (doing 50ft jumps) took its toll on the little XR :) Later,


No problem Yamakaze. If you do extend the plate can we call it the Darin Plate Extension Mod? :)

Or the D.P.E.M. whichever you prefer.

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