Is anyone else having problems with your intake valves? If you have raced a really dusty race I suggest that you check them. I checked mine and they were so tight that they were held open. Then 3 weeks later the bike wouldnt start again and they were the same way. I havd to replace the two intake valves. Honda says that dirt is eating the hardcoat off of the titanium. And once its gone the valves go very quickly. So if you are having a tough time starting your bike latey check them. I know 4 people that all got 02 crfs at the same time and all of our bikes seemed to go within a week of each other. :)


if you are getting dirt in there i would recommend cleaning your filter more often and oiling it with foam filter oil. If you are doing that already take the airbox apart and reseal it.

This is a well discussed subject here. Funny thing is each subsequent set of replacement valves go bad faster. My last set of TI's lasted 15 hours. One of the MX "Gods" in my hometown seems to think 15 hours is reasonable and that I'm just too picky. I beg to differ. Yamaha is running TI for all the valves and those last forever.

At any rate my fourth set of intake valves are custom made stainless steel units from BlackDiamond. This issue is going to be the make it or break it thing for me and this bike.

As for Honda's official view on this problem, just check out my sig. RR.

If you raced some of the races that i raced this year(high point GNCC for example) and found a way to not get dirt in there you are the man. I put a clean oiled filter in every time I ride so dont make me out to be an idiot.

ROUTINE MAINTNANCE not at $65 a peice. .........................I think another blue bike is looking better.

How do you like the CRF racing the GNCC's? What mod.'s have you done? I'm considering racing the Crawfordsville race in a couple of weeks.

I love it The power is perfect. My bike has an 18inch rear wheel, Big tank w/ dry brake, works connection pro perch, and a WER steering dampener.

Ill be at crafordsville that is the second best track all year next to maryland.

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