XXR Prebuying inspection. What to look at?

What should I look for as far as the bike is concerned before buying a used 2003 XRR?



the only thing you want to make sure of before this puchase...

be sure it has E-START and a BIG "L" after the 650..:banghead:

You can tell a lot by looking at the color of the rims, if dull then there's some sand miles on it. Check the bottom of the swingarm and feel how rough it is, this equals miles. How's the airbox look, clean or not. Any maintenance records or receipts? Check out the guys garage, cars, yard are they taken care of? Is his wife ugly this equals tons of miles.


You can tell a lot by looking at his wife, if ugly, this equals tons of miles.

Damn good point!:banghead:

Check the gearing,if it's taller than stock he likes to go fast unless it was road legal. If it's lower...you get the idea. 14-48,47 I think is stock.

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