Any news on a DRD pipe for the 450??

Has anyone heard if there is a new DRD pipe coming for the 450? I am wondering if the rear section or silencer for the DRD 426 pipe will be the same or not for the 450 as well as if there is going to be a head pipe from DRD. Any ideas?

I traded emails with Gina about a month ago and they are making 2 "slip ons" for the 450. I think 1 Stainless and 1 titanium They feel that the Titanium header is a good one and will not be offering it.

I e-mailed Gina one week ago. She said the stainless steal tail section should be ready within a week, you should e-mail her at As a tt-member you'll probably get a discount as well. The Ti pipe is going to be ready in a couple of months. She seems really nice, and is always quick to answer you e-mails.

You will not get better service and support than from Dr. D.

I have been talking with them for the last couple of days. The pipes are in stock at the shop (SS Pipe), but, they haven't got a price yet from the manufacture. The pipes should be ready to sell by Thursday or Friday. I live real close so I will be picking one up from the shop as soon as they are available.

Oh yea, they will have a Spark Arrestor but are not sound regulated, it's a SS pipe only, not offering the header, but why would you want to dump the stock TI one anyway.

I talked with Zach Bradshaw (Damons brother) who was out a t Perris (CA,) Raceway on Monday/Tues. He was staying with the Dubachs until today and riding a 250F of Dubachs. He said he rode a 450 with a Dr. D Pipe and described it as "Explosive". He also said the 450 had a flywheel weight. Contact DRD, this might be an inside line for you 450 guys. This doesn't help with availability but it is a preliminary report from a pro.

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