subframe rubbing away.

just noticed ,

on the left side... the aluminium subframe is rubbing away at a fast pace, from the riding boots.

I put bunch of layers of color matching duct tape to see how long it will last, it was all rubbed through after an hour ride.

any body have a good suggestion for a frame guard? at a resonable cost :)

I have Maier frame gaurd, black plastic ones (they were only like 35 bucks i think). I like them alot, but they showed scratches real quick. So now I just added a few coats of dupli-color spray on bedliner on it, holds up like steel! In the 3 months the stuff has been on it hasn't worn off in one spot yet. It comes in a can for 8 bucks, well worth it. :)

Carbon fibre guards are super tough, light, and look really trick!


Not sure how your boots are wearing through the sub-frame... (I'd like to see a photo) On my RM250 I used to use just some clear number plate backing and never had a problem. But for the DRZ I just put these on (they arrived by accident)


the boots are alpinestar tech-8 "old style"

i did not say it is rubbing through , it is rubbing away.

I will snap some pictures later today and post it.

the best way to discribe it:

if you look at the aluminium subframe, the mid portion of it, the edges are nice and rounded, however closer to the bottom of the subframe where the boot rubs on, the square edge is not round, now it is sharp like a knife.

both the aluminium and carbon-fiber guard looks nice .

How much was it?

where did you get it from?

well here you are , pictures....




I must be hugging that sucker pretty good !!!!! :)

I use 3M grip tape. It works fine for a few bucks. After awhile it too wears down. It's my case that is wearing down fast on my bike. I need to order some case savers.

Actually, one of my local dealers said this is pretty common. Thats why they sell the frame guards. :)

Some people don't care if it rubs their paint off, others do.

I thought my CF frame guards were great at first.

Now all that's left are the two zip ties that held it on.

$110 for 1/2 season. I guess they lasted longer than a front tire :)

I too have the WC frame guards like Blk Rfl's - but above that I put on some heavy dut blackish-gray grip tape that I got at the local skateboard shop. I just cut it to fit with an exacto knife. It has stayed on well too - the corners aren't even peeling.

Hollywood :)

The works connection guards IMO are the best choice. You can polish them nice and shiny, and they stay looking nice. The grip tape chews up your boots, and anything else looks hillbilly after a while. I personally don't care about the paint rubbing off and the subframe problem, so I left mine alone. Now it is bare, and looks about like yours. But again I don't care.

I sort of like that polished aluminum look! Carbon frame guards are light and look cool too. Thats what im looking into.

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