Anyone make a more comfortable seat?

I hate the seat on my DRZ. It's... well, you know.

I know it's possible to make a comfy seat. My wifes TTR-225 had a very comfortable seat on it.

There has to be somebody out there that makes one for the DRZ. Any ideas?

You could check with the dealer, while looking at the 03 DRZ S the parts guy showed me a list of accessories and a gel seat was one of them. It is supposed to lower the seat height by 1" as well.

One other thing you could do is go to your local automotive upholstery shop and see what kind of foam they can replace yours with.

lower Gel seat will probably not feel much more comfortable. I DO like mine :) the Harley seat company (can't remember the name right now) in Gilroy, Ca is supposed to be coming out w/ one this month. Or add taller foam.

If they don't have one they will make it for you, but I think you have to send them the seat!

They do really really good work though!


No no, DDACT said he wants a comfortable seat! Corbin seats are far from comfortable.

I wonder if a person could get the foam from another seat (XR400R maybe?) and trim it up to fit in the stock frame and cover?

Anyone tried this?

Did I mention I hate the stock seat? :)

I use the Suzuki low gel seat. It did reduce the seat height which since I'm 5'9" was welcome. The gel set might be marginally more comfy, but not much.

I've got the standard gel seat. (a little lower than stock, not as low as the "low" gel seat) It's more comfy than stock, but still sucks for any real saddle time.

I called Corbin and they said they have no plans to make one for the DRZ at the moment, but if they get enough requests, they will. So what are you waiting for? Go to Corbin's site and request a seat for the DRZ!

If anyone lives near Hollister, CA and wants to let them use your bike as a "model", they can make one. I offered to send them my stock seat, but they said they need the bike as well. They said the price is the same for a custom one as what the charge for the DR650 for example, which I believe is $240. Steep, but I'd be willing to pay it as that the damn seat (and ensuing monkey-butt) is the one thing keeping me from taking longer DS rides on my DRZ.

How much was the "low" Gel Seat? And is that a Suzuki Accessory?

DR_BUSA ... You make so much sense you should trade it in for dollars.

Everybody click on the link in DR_BUSA's reply and fill it out. If we put enough stuff in thier request box maybe they'll do something for us!!!

thanks for the link to the corbin request, ia sked them about this 2 months

ago, Id like to see somethng like the modles below with a removeable

backrest for the rider and passanger, add a bit more assss pad for the pass.

These are cool, maybe a bit flatter and less of a delineation between the

rider and passanger to allow for some sliding around. I do like the

removeable rest idea. Here are a few corbin pics.




I ordered foam from a company called dynamics systems, inc. They have a website but can't get It to come up or I would give you the link. or phone 828-683-3511. They make foam products for NASA and orthopedic foam. They have a system set up for motorcycles. I bought med. firm sunmate foam with a 1/2 in. pudgee pad which is like a gel pad. I took my old foam out shped and glued this to the stock pan. You can make It any height you want by trial and error. I rode my 400 S 250 miles the other day combination of dirt and hard road. Your butt will burn some but overall was not that bad. This was a long ride would not normally do this. I have a suzuki gel seat and It is far better than theirs. Cost about $70.00. If you want It low you could eleminate one of the sunmate foam pads. To get the size of the suzuki seat you need a 1 in., med firm and 1/2 in. gel pad.


Knoxville, Tn

I filled out a Corbin Form :) Did You :D

A.H. Mclaughlins They have different foam types. I have the softer than stock. Not a whole lot different but it helps. :)

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