Fitting a chain

Hi folks,

Just bought a new O ring chain and new sprockets. There are 118 links on the chain, do I have to take any off or will it be ok this length. Also is ok to use a grinder to grind the top off the pin if I need to remove a link.

Many thanks for any help


check your manual, but i think the WR chain is 114 links. you'll probably have to grind off the pin heads and take off 4 links.

I think mine was 112 or 114 - bought a 120, however, this is all dependent on your countershaft sprocket and rear sprocket, if you've dropped a few teeth on one or the other or both or gone up a few on one etc., it all matters to the outcome, best thing I can tell you is that you should count the number of links on the chain you're taking off and setting the replacement chain up the same.

Yes, dremmel or grind the pin down, doesn't matter if you go too deep, the part you'll damage will be discarded anyways.

Set on vise opened just wider than pin and drive it through using a drift.

Have fun getting the new oring chain on sounds like you're new to this so - the way I do it is to use a clamp and 2 nuts as an aid. First, get the master link in from the rear with 2 orings placed on it already connecting the two chain ends, place 2 more orings on the protruding legs, place the flat link on the pins, set the 2 nuts on the link with a pin in the middle of each nut and screw the clamp down - you'll actually "feel" it setting itself - if the clamp head doesn't cover both nuts, get a steel plate or something that will, loosen clamp, link should stay in place, push the clip on with the round (closed) edge in the direction of chain travel.

Depends on sprocket sizes what length you need, loosen the back wheel & move it as far forward as possible, fit & measure chain, grind & rivet back together.

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