3rd gear and swingarm bearings

Hi again,

I have being talking to a mechanic who is going to give my new purchase the once over (1998 WR 400) and he tells me that the pre 2000 models are very prone to 3rd gear failing and the swingarm bearings going (and he says the bearings set is about €500) is this true or is he winding me up??



A full bearing set for the swingarm of my 05 WR450 from "All Balls" cost me AUD 200 or approx 120 Euros.

Cant see the WR400 costing 4 times the price!

I reckon he's trying it on.......

I thought as much, I'll give him a miss and use someone else.

thanks dude

you could likely find them on ebay, but then there's shipping out of country, many just don't do it.

Some online shops would sell/ship overseas though, and it's easy to do yourself with basic tools, you can make your own bearing press if you go to thumpertalks how to section.

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