Hope this works

L-Hander, awsome picture. :)

Yea it worked well. Good job. Now if I could get some pics to stay.

sheesh, there is a trail in there right?

dude, where do you ride? a rock quarry? :)

I would certainly listen to your recommendation for a bashplate that actually worked... LOL And how many punctures a ride do you get?


I've seen a rock garden,.... but what would you call that?Dude, call that Torture Chambers guy I bet he would love it.I don't think I would walk across it. :)


You ever ride there in the rain? I bet that those rocks would be real slippery. I've ridden in Crows Nest Pass (has rocks like that with the black mossy stuff) in the rain and it was scary.

Keep it pinned and thanks for the pics.

Yes there is a trail! It's kind of hard where to start but once you get on it it's like a freeway at 12500ft above sea level. LOL :) I have ridden in the rain I lived in western Washington state for 4 years. I didn't have to worry about too much rain this year though, our forests were as dry as a popcorn fart. C-Ya

Yikes lefthander ! :)

I can't believe you ride stuff like that !! My bike is shaking just thinkin about the abuse I would subject her to if I attempted that. You be da man !


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