Ride report--a tankful!

My son (Jimmy, #531) and I went to Baldwin, MI over the weekend. The Acerbis 1.3 gallon tank on his '03 YZ85/FMF Turbine Core II Q pipe/O ring chain/Moose busters and guards and skid plate, worked well--thanks Randy 17A!

Jimmy fell in the sand 3 times. I didn't!

We did over 100 miles and I did not even get to reserve on my big Clarke tank. Due to batteries, I had the GPS off for the Little O side, so we probably did 115 or so total. My Panoram battery went dead too. At least that is what I hope. It quit registering speed and I could not change modes. There was a low battery warning on it at times. My son needed gas at the end of each day's ride. My body was out!

We rode Little Manistee and Lincoln Hills and many places in between on Saturday. Road the ORV--not the single track. Some portions of the singletrack was freshly groomed, but with the rain, it was, deep, slippery and unsteady for my son, who is a bit short for the YZ. He ripped on the ORV sections and did well in the whoops. Some areas paralelling M37 (west side of Little Manistee) were pretty whooped out.

Not much traffic as many were bowhunting. We saw maybe 12 cycles and 8 quads (only reporting serious rides here--not XR100's and bow hunter quads) the whole weekend. Saw several deer and a bunch of turkeys. One nice looking "babe" that deserved a second look.

Lincoln Hills was a gas. Pretty fast pace hear. Reminded me of riding in TBQ 1985 (Time Before Quads!) You could actually sit down for a quarter mile at a time and cruise in 3rd gear. Not sure if I ever got into 5th gear. It may have been recently groomed.

Sunday we went to the Little O. It sucked. Quads delight. I hate big whoops in a tight woods! Big banked turns. Low limbs. Sandy middle. Whoops. Couldn't see very far in front--dangerous! Where the quad tires go was best riding, but that put your bars too close to trees. We got onto some old powerline and railroad bed and ripped it up but had to eventually turn around. I think we were supposed to be on the trail in the ditch--but quads whooped it really bad. We somehow came to the Big O start where street legal is required in some areas. We headed back to the parking lolt, crossed the road, got back on Little Manistee and headed up to Lincoln Hills to do that loop the opposite way. We had started out in the rain on Sunday but it cleared up once we got to Lincoln Hills. Traction was primo with hardly any puddles.

A toy hauler/camper is definately on the "wish to get list" but the tent was not all that bad. Putting it up in the dark was!

That's what it's all about!

Hey Rudy,

Glad you had a good time.

I have been trying to get around the Big "O" for a few weeks, all 100 miles of it. But something always seems to keep me from finishing it. Like ambition. I got about 1/2 way around a few weeks ago and ran out of steam. Rode the north end of the Little "O". I diddn't think it was that bad.

I was involved in doing trail maintance on Lincoln Hills this spring. Glad to hear that it was groomed. It was nasty earlier this year. I put a word into the CCC to get it fixed.

You should let me know when you are in the area. I live in Muskegon and ride there once in a while. Its only like an hour drive.

Little Manistee is where the first CCC ride of the year was, the Rites of Spring. Over 700 riders in one weekend! I've also been on the Litle O and Lincoln Hills. The whoops were just as bad last year even in the tight stuff.

Many of the CCC riders (myself included) were up near Cheyboygan this last weekend riding the Color Tour around Black Lake. Great club if you like to ride all over the state. www.cycleconservationclub.org

Sounds like you had a great time. Tell your son not to worry about falling down. I do it all the time since I can't touch the ground very well at 5'9". At least your son will grow, I'll have to get my bike lowered.

The CCC ride might be the first official ride @ Little Manistee. But we run Manistee in March. We do the Snow Chicken there every year. Its a blast. Stud the tires and hit the single track. We start outta Peacock Motorsports.

I bought a handlebar at Peacock during my first CCC weekend! Lets just say that I learned to cover the clutch and not to whack the throttle so hard. The bike was dancing on its rear wheel about 6 feet in front of me before it came to rest on the clutch lever and snap the bar. Did handlebar change in 35 deg rain by lantern light. Rode the next day and told the wife I "won" the Renthal bar pad. Aaahh the memories...

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