Speed of 400S

How fast does a drz400S go and why on the suzuki site is it the only 400 dual sport that has mirrors and signals? Im debating buying one but the 400E and 400 both have larger seat hieghts but neither has mirrors and signals - do they still qualify as street-legal? :)

Please email me cause i dont get to this website very often!



ive topped mine out at 95. ran really smooth up there too.... not too bad for a one banger!

ive taken mine to 100 even and it was still pulling, but the rev limited was emminant. Ask your dealer is th E and K are legal in your state for the street. The S is the only street legal model in CA, the others cannon be made legal in CA by any means. If you can put a light kit on the E i would definatly go that rout as the E is 40lbs lighter, has a more agressive cam and a better carb.

S stands for street. It is the only one that is street legal as is. The others have different other specs also that cause them to not be street legal (especially in Calif) Depending on where you live, ouside of Calif, you may be able to legally legalize the others. It getts expensive though

Good Luck :)

I had mine up to around 90 on a Dirt road the other day, and I still had power left. It was starting to drift some cuz of the dirt so I backed off. It's got lots of power, not a problem there..... :)

95 for me, sounded like I was at about 10000 rpm tho...

hence the reason Im looking at going to a 42 or 40 rear

to make for a slightly better freeway cruise.

85mph for mine. But it is an "E" and sprockets are for offroad. Think the "S" has different size sprockets.

For longer gears.

Being that the speedo is off by 8 mph mine is about 86 mph on top end.Speedometer reads 93. Maybe with taller tires it will be better because with trailwings the speedo unit isnt right.You can correct the tripmeter to give the correct mileage but you can't do it on the speedo. What a rip!

Right before I removed my stock tires, I did a speed run and had mine up to 105mph indicated. (speedo is slightly out-of-whack). This was after installing the pipe and changing the jetting. Scared the crap out of me, cause I spotted a cop and when I tried to sit upright (I was all hunkered down for the speed run) my helmet chin piece caught on my front brake line. Until I realized what was happening, I just about crapped in my pants. Incidentally, the cop just watched me drive by. He was on the northbound side of the highway and I was heading south.

Yeah, the stock S will do about 95 or so on pavement. But, top speed like this is just nucking futs in the trails. I am going to gear it down once I trash the stock sprockets and chain, but until then I will live with the way-too-high gearing.

I've hit an indicated 91 mph on a downhill with my S running 14/47 gearing. Most of the time it's more like 85 mph and that's all she'll do. I checked my speedo once and it was off by 5 mph or so at highway speeds, so more like 80 mph actual.

Dang DR. Busa, that's pretty good especially with the 14/47 gearing. How do you like that for the trails? That's about what I want, but haven't done it yet. Hey I just sold my '00 Hayabusa, pre-limiter bike. It was the fastest ride I have ever had, no doubt. Loved it, insurance company hated it.

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