Number Plate

Has anyone put a number plate and replaced the light on their 2001 DRZ-E. I want to keep the same color number plate on it, like the one Kiedroski runs. Will the 2001 RM plate work? Any help would be great. Getting close to Christmas time and I'm making out my list :)

I tried a 2001-2002 number plate and it didn't work. I ordered a 99-00 and understand it will bolt on with a few spacers and perhaps removal or replacement of the brake cable bracket. Wait until Friday and e-mail me at and ask how it went. I am picking the part up tomorrow.


The 99-00 RM number plate works never well, and requires very little modification.


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Is there any chance to get one to fit that is that same color? Everyone knows the bright yellow of the 2001 E. I was hoping for the same look as Mike Kiedrowski has.

Suzuki Offroad uses Cycra for all their plastic (except tanks). They have a bolt on number for the DRZ. I think they're at

Well........., I received my 99-00 yellow RM number plate and it looks like it would fit well. But....... the yellow color is like mustard compared to the all yellow color of my 02' E model. Rats! Back to the drawing board.

I'll try Cycra next, but this is getting expensive. Pretty soon I may just leave the headlight on. But I really want the bike to look raceyer. Is that a word???

Anyone need a yellow 99-00 RM front number plate?????


I have not called cycra yet but I went on the site and didn't see a yellow one like on the 2001. And it looked like all they had were vented models anyway. Someone out there has this type of set up I'm sure of it. I have saw to may pictures.

Sure it is a word, it's right here in my Webster's, but is is spelled 'racier'. I saw the '98 RM plate installed on a DRZ, it looks pretty good. Man go for white, number plates are supposed to be white!

Get a 99-2000 RM250 number plate. The require the least modification. They are very easy to install.



Its just a personal prefrence about the color thing. I want yellow :):D The 2001 yellow :D :D

Felix: I agree with you. I'd like the new yellow as well, with no vents. Just something simple. I think I am going to go back to the yellow 2001-2002 RM250 number plate I ordered and just make it fit. Somehow.

No See:

Thanks for letting me know how to spell "racier". It was kind of comical to see you correct my spelling and write "but is is spelled 'racier'". :)


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