MRX01 race fuel

Wish we could get that out here in Hawaii.

VP has a new race gas called Ultimate 4. It's made just for thumpers, and it's good for up to 6% power increase compared to pump gas. It's only 98 octane but its highly oxygenated.

yes, and it is also completely ILLEGAL in any AMA event.

it has MORE than the legal level of 2.55% oxygen.

however, you can dump it in and go. no rejetting is required.

roughly $8 a gallon.

C-12 ia a bit cheaper, but I don't know anyone who runs it in four strokes. I can get it for under $5/gal, might give it a try...

i have run about, oh 100 to 120 gallons of C12 through my bike. it works great. does tend to leave some lead deposites on the exhaust valves, but otherwise a good fuel.

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