Takes a licking...

Just an observation while I skirt my duties at work.

Are you as amazed as I am sometimes at the abuse these bikes take? Everytime I ride 50 miles balls to the wall, throw the bike is a crash or neglect to maintain it properly, I can't help but bow down to the manufacturers. I wish I can get my vehicles to be a fraction as reliable as dirtbikes are.

I too beleive these bikes are bullet proof, maybe even nuke proof, when i look at my mates Husaberg 501 that twice now has had to turn back at the start of a ride with engine failure, makes me realize just how tough these things are, he dosent even give it a hiding, even big crashes causing dislocated shoulders and things, havent even bent the handle bars. :)

Just amazing isn't!! I've beat mine like a rented mule and it just keeps getting better. Change the oil/clean the air filter and just go riding. :)

Note to self...

Never buy a used bike from a guy named Dougie... :)


Bonzai :)

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