L vs R

to all you R lovers out there. I was lead to believe that I could not reg. 650 r after 1998 in Calafornia. Is this true?

unless it was already registered.

thanks, was feeling like i bought the wrong machine.

Bought my R in 01 plated from berkley honda,buddy bought a used R two years ago and got it plated,there are ways to do it I'm told.

if you have issues you can do a special construction title. just like all the custom chopper guys do.:banghead:

Feb 2002 was the cut off date for 'dual registration' (Green sticker bike with a plate) in Cal.

If you can get a peace officer to ok the EPA as on-road, and get a lighting inspection after your DS kit is installed, you can get it plated. It may not stick, but it seems as though a large percentage have, and do stay plated.

with the regs of today in CA i wouldnt plan on trying to get one plated that i wanted forever cuz its possible that down the road even next registration that they may revoke the tags. If i had the bike and just wanted to try i would but i wouldnt buy one in hopes of having that my only street legal.

thanks, had to have street legal so 07 650l was right choice for me.A little tall but not a problem if you dont stop.ha ha

:banghead: you already get it? if so, welcome to the family.

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