400mxc on Jenny Craig

I'm a proud new owner of a 2002 MXC 400. My only complaint so far is the weight - I have trouble loading it onto my high truck bed. (I always have to bother someone else to help me) Aside from going to the gym myself, I'm looking at ways of reducing the weight of my bike. Keeping the tank as empty as possible when loading really helps. (A full 3.X gallon tank is HEAVY) I was also looking at changing to an EXC tank and shrouds. (Im not too fond of the MXC tank anyway :))

This may be heresy, but I was actually *gasp* thinking of getting rid of the kickstarter. It's something, I guess :D

Any other ideas? I'm sure someone somewhere is doing the same sorts of things with their MXC. Any shared experience would be helpful. :D

you can loose anywhere from 2-5 lbs with an aftermatret exhaust depending on the system. Shave 1 or 2 more with a ultra light battery.

My Ultra lite battery leaked and the Shop would not stand behind it an replace it so now its a spare 12V power source for use in troublshooting in the garage. :)


The exhaust is a good one, lots of POUNDS and it high on the bike which seems to FEEL like more than it is....

I would have suggested the battery change as well, but after Clarke's experience maybe not!

You could remove the "electric leg" altogether and save quite a bit! :) They are easy kick starting bikes. What's more important "the button" or 13 pounds(my guess)?


My suggestion would be to work on the height of the truck bed instead. When I load up the bike before a ride, I back up into the gutter just in front of my driveway and let the rear wheels rest in the depression. This lowers the bed of my truck by about a foot in relation to my driveway. Now it takes very little effort to push up into the bed. Same theory holds true at the staging spot (unloading or loading). Find a ravine, gully or low spot that will lower the angle and height of the truck bed/tailgate when you back into it and your life will get much simpler. Some places my ramp is almost level with the bed (best case scenario). There are going to be occasions when there are no natural depressions around. For these I use a cooler, toolbox or crate as a step to get up onto the tailgate. For those times neither is handy, I simply make sure my spry 20 year-old nephew who is 6'3" is around and he always has energy left to help-out an energy depleted mentor after a ride! :)

Thanks for all your replies..

The kickstarter will live on (for now! :))

I'll look into getting a new exhaust, and will definately try out some of azxrmaniac's suggestions.. I think a longer, wider ramp will help out as well. (The one I have now is pretty short - cheapo)

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