Hello and a question!?

Hello everybody. I've been reading here at thumpertalk for a little while and just today registered, and I have a question for you DRZ owners. I have an '02 400 E model that I purchased new, so everything is basically stock. I live in colorado at an altitude of 8000 feet, and often ride to higher elevations, up tp 11,000 feet, and as low as 5,000 feet. Most of my riding is at the 8,000 to 9,000 foot level.Do you folks have any suggestions what jetting mod's and other breathing mods would be most effective for me? Thanks in advance and it's a pleasure to be here.


do a search on jetting. maybe you can find someone at that altitude with some good tips. good luck

There are a few guys here from Colorado ("burned") that may be able to help you out - Hold on your answer is coming :)

pull the snorkle out,make sure it has the stock 142 main jet.move the needle clip to 5 and with the stock pilot 2-2.5 turns fuel screw.i run a fmf power core4sa and am very pleased.if noise is a issue,leave the muffler stock.any mods make them loud. happy wheelies! :cool:lets hook and up ride some!

Thanks guys, I'm gonna start dinking around with the bike and see what good I can do. Burned, where do you ride locally? Rampart?

i ride rampart a fair amount.i ride at berthoud mx park alot in the winter.

Burned, I've heard good things about the tracks at Berthoud, I'll probably go there this winter a few times to relieve my winter depression.

I live in Nederland, about 5 miles from an area known as west magnolia, which I can easily access from my home. This summer I rode quite a bit in an area southwest of rollinsville that includes kingston peak rd. and the james peak area. Lots of trails and lots of fun. James peak has recently been included in a wilderness bill that will close off some of that area, to what extent, I don't know.I have never ridden at rampart but am looking forward to going down there. I have heard it can be crowded on the weekends, is that true?

i have been wanting to hook up with somebody that knows the trails up your way.yes,rampart can very crowded.if goin there im usually on the trail by 7-8 am bash 40 or so miles of bumps and than be headin home by 10-11pm.the nut balls dont get up early! :)

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