What gearing would you recommend to someone who races hare scrambles with an occasional motocross race? Do you go up or down? Right now it's just the stock 14/49.


I went to a 51 tooth Renthal for my rear sprocket. I race MX and it give some extra snap when I roll on the throttle hard, especially exiting a corner to accelerate. I left the counter sprocket at the stock 14. If your hare scrambles are tight think twice about gearing too far down. A 400 / 426 will squirt out from under you in a heart beat. Talk to some local YZF riders and see what they use. Just my two cents worth. Good Luck!

Bill :)

I have never heard anyone so far advise on the following.

I was taught along time ago you want your gearing to be setup for the longest straight on the track. This means you want to be able to be in 5th gear (Or 4th 450) tapped when you are at the end of the longest straight.

This means you will be carring allot of gears. It is somewhat a science. I kept many differant ranges for the Counter as well as the rear for differant track setups. Keep this written down for other race days.

It is about keeping the settings that work for each race each given day..

I have been racing Hare Scrambles and Cross Country Races for a long time. The best combination I have found yet is a 13/53 setup when there are alot of obstacles, Hill Climbs, and tight sections involved. The lower gearing makes 5th gear very usable in the short open runs in a HS and actually helps prevent stalling in the tight stuff. Even in a more open type of race such a GNCC's where a majority of the trail is ATV width I only go up to 14/53 gearing for many of the same reasons. I have not found a hill yet that I cannot tractor up while watching the higher geared racers spinning wildly trying to maintain rpm's.

Bonzai :)

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