Cam Chain Tensioner removal??

Hi...I asked this in another thread, it got buried so I am going to ask again. I just got to ride my buddys new 03 and noticed its alot quiter than mine (02) I got some tickin/knockin goin on so I thought I would pull of the Cam chain tensioner to make sure it was still in one piece. I have never done this is it easy? Is stuff going to come flying out at me?? Do I need to replace seal(s)? Is it easy to tell if its broken? Thanks for any answers you can give me!:D:)

invest in a drz400 shop manual

it'll help alot for questions like these

sorry I can't answer that question, don't know.

I have one. Got it off bearshare. Doesnt say much about it or gimme a pic disassembled. So I am lookin for first hand experience. Thanks for the tip tho! :D:)

Have you checked the valves recently?

Have the valves checked first - good advice.

Yup...just did about 300 miles ago.


The valves TIGHTEN over time. They do not get loose. This is opposite of other bikes, like an XR. This bike uses shim-under-cup valve adjusters, so the valves tighten as they wear. If there is a loose sound, the tensioner or the camchain is probably out of adjustment or bad.

To remove the tensioner:

There are 2 bolts that hold the tensioner on(2). One on either side of the tensioner(do not remove the cap bolt on the back). Remove the bolts and the tensioner will just pull off. There are no parts that should fall comes out as a unit.

To adjust the tensioner:

remove the bolt cap on the back of the unit. you will see an adjuster slot in the unit. The adjuser has left hand threads. turn it slightly(one-quarter turn at a time) and start the bike and listen to the noise. I'd adjust it in until the noise first goes away. Keep in mind the adjuster is held by a spring and may return to it's original setting, however.

When putting the cap bolt back on ..... DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN IT!! It is just a cap..barely snug is fine. It strips very easily.

Good info just what I was lookin for thank you. :):D

sno did this sort out your problem???

i have some knocks i would like to sort out.\they only happen at idle. please update us!!!

The cam chain tensioner is NOT adjustable. Is is a self adjusting unit. There is continuous tension at all times via spring. If it is broken the bike will probably not run or not run for very long and the noise will be terrible. The slotted screw is only used to lock the spring tension in the released position for installation. It is a kinda of a pain to keep in the locked pos (spring tension released). Loosen cap screw, rotate slotted screw counterclockwise to lock and remove the 2 6mm bolts. Release the lock to inspect tension. Re-lock and re-install. Dont forget to turn slotted screw clockwise after installation to unlock. It will snap back in and re-apply tension to camchain. :)

Mdlifcrisis,you turn the screw clockwise to retract the tensioner,if you don't fell spring resitance the spring is broke and you need new tensioner.after you bolt it back to the cylinder you turn screw counter clockwise to release spring and set tension on cam chain.

Sounds like exactly what I said.... :)

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