SDG tall seat or step seat?

I am thinking of getting one of these but dont really know what each is for. I did have a turning issue but my new 24mm clamps are on the way. Now I am bored so why not get a new seat.

What do each ones help me with?

the stepped seat keeps you right up on the tank, but from what i can imagine it'd be pretty hard to slide back if you had to for whatever reason. and from what i've read here the tall seat is meant to be flat so you can slide up on the tank easier.

I had a step seat on my 07 YZ450. I used it for about 2 months and put it on the shelf. It is suppose to keep you from sliding back while accelerating. It doesn't really keep you up on the tank. I didn't feel like I could get up far enough to help me in the turns.

I now have the tall seat on my 08 YZ450. I am 6' 2" so it helps with ergonomics some. I really felt like it made the bike turn better because I can get up on the tank farther. It is easier to go from seating to standing also. I think it is a good seat for anybody unless you are a midgit.

I would think the tall seat would help more if you have trouble getting up on the tank since it makes your seat flatter the step seat would do just the opposite and make the incline steeper

I'm 5'9" and I think I will invest in a tall seat even tho I"m not that tall when I really get up on the tank I am using most of my effort trying to just stay there

that and I may do the 450 conversion to my 426 seems like the 03+ 450's have a flatter seat to start with plus a tall seat should make things much better

The Sdg Seat is great, I have 2 of them and I have the guts tall foam but Sdg is easier then the Guts, whole seat for same price as Guts basically.

I have a SDG Tall seat and luv it....makes it so much easier to get forward and it is easy to get my @$$ back to the rear of the seat also for sand/loamy conditions.....and big plus to helping a 06-08 corner better.

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