I've never rode a bike with handguards, but I'm thinking of getting some. I have Pro Taper bars any recommendations?

Do you mean handshields (or as my friend calls them, "decorative handguards") or the barkbuster type?

Cycra Pro Bends w/ inner Triple Clamp mounts. You can get large or small handshields, or buy the Moose vented ones, all the shields will fit all the bark busters, the Moose version just mounts a bit differently.

At some point real soon somebody will vouch for Acerbis Rally guards, but I think they are inferior, if only because you can't mount them to the TC (I could be wrong about this but I think they are too short).

Anyway another difference is the plastic is molded around the Al portion, so you can't replace the shields when (not if) they start tearing and looking like crap.

Both will rotate out of place with heavy impacts unless you use the inner Triple Clamp mount on the Pro Bends. If you eschew (there's a word for ya!) the TC mounts Cycra has the best inner bar mount bracket going, you may end up bending the bark busters anyway to suit your particular setup, they are forged so bend away, but the Pro Bend bar mounts with the extra pivot are the only good bolt up I've seen.

Maybe I've had bad luck w/ the Acerbis, I broke the set I had on my bike after a week or two, and installed a set on my pal's KTM 520 more recently and was reminded of the harder mounting.

To summarize...

1) Pro Bends

2) Moose, Fredette, whatever, all the same

3) Acerbis. They make great stuff, but their philosophy on handguards is a bit off IMO.

If you just want the plastic handshields with no rigid mount then I have no opinion, except that they only protect you from roost and nothing else.

Hope this helps.

Mr. rox, I think it depends on where you ride (flying rocks vs. big trees). Since you have a YZ, I assume you ride on tracks or mainly open places. If so, I recommend the "hand shields" over the "wrist buster" types. Acerbis, 909(FMF) and others make great ones. I personally prefer the "old" Acerbis hand guards. I think you can still get them thru the GYT parts catalog. Not too crazy about Acerbis' new design. But if in the woods, the metal guards make more sense. Just becareful when you moto with one of the metal ones and you just happen to "lay down" your YZ in the whoops or high speed berm turn with your hand slipped thru the handlebar-hand guard loop. Kind of like a bottle openner.

Kind of like a bottle openner.

Since I've never heard of an actual occurence of this, as popular as bark busters are among probably 80% of off roaders, I've come to believe that it is just an old wives tale. It would take some very unusual circumstances for your wrist to end up inside the guard.

I have the Acerbis Rally Pro handguard on my YZ, and I have no problem with them. I would, however, definitely NOT recommend the standard Rally handguards- they have no metal insert in them, and you can still break levers with the handguards installed because they just flex. I've had a lot of good luck with my Rally Pros, and they've taken some good hits. They are slightly bent, but they are holding up well. The crash they bent in was a pretty hard crash, I was at about half throttle in fifth gear, went off a jump, and landed in powder- needless to say I bit the dirt hard. The Rally Pros held up better than the Renthal bars I had on my bike at the time. Rally Pros are also easy to install I've found, at least compared to the standard Rally Guards. However, the triple clamp mount option offered by Cycra sounds a lot better than the Rally Pro mounting setup. If you go to your Yamaha dealer, you can order some brackets that mount under the pinch bolts for the top triple clamp to bolt the handguards to- I don't have any experience with these and I'm not sure if they're good or not. You might also go to url=http://www.emigracing.com]Emig Racing[/url]- they have a triple clamp setup with mounting bosses for handguards, although I'm not sure they have the Yamaha ones built yet. Good luck, I hope this post doesn't bore you to death.

I got the GYT-R Triple Clamp Mounts, Pro Bend Woods Guards, and the GYT-R Shields. they fit nice, look great, and are the strongest out, what more do you need.

View them here:

web page



I use the standars Acerebis rally guards. Ive used them for years. They rarley break. Dont buy imitations. They all suck. If you want the plastic wrap around style (I reccomend) only use Acerbis. The ufo and msr versions will break.

I have used several different brands, and by far the GYT-R's are far superior for protection from flying rocks and broken/bent levers during a get-off. Just last weekend I made the stupid mistake of coming off the throttle on a jump face to a 60ft tabletop....I went about 20 feet straight up then nose dived crashing and endo'ing. My handlebars left a 5 inch deep gouge in the hard Alabama clay, but did not damage my bars in the slightest because of the handguards. Now my helmet....that's a different story...let's just say that it's a good thing I never jump without a spare....


Bonzai :)

Since I've never heard of an actual occurence of this, as popular as bark busters are among probably 80% of off roaders, I've come to believe that it is just an old

wives tale. It would take some very unusual circumstances for your wrist to end up inside the guard


I personally know two people who have broken their wrists on their handguards, HOWEVER, neither

were with the current generation of handguards. About 10 years ago, there was a

set of handguards that were popular that totally enclosed the hand. I can't remember who

made them even though I had a set. The top portion of the handguard, when aligned

properly, was at 12 o'clock above the grips. It was very easy to get your hands/wrists

caught in these guards. I even witnessed one of the breaks and it wasn't an OTB

type fall.

It's not a wives tale, just a tale that doesn't (much) apply to today's handguards.

That said, I've had a set of Enduro Engineering guards on my last 3 bikes. I'll

buy another pair when these wear out.


Hi Chazlom

You have very neat looking triple clamps

What are they :)

Applied Triple Clamps.

Q: Is the WR450 available in So. Africa at this time??

If so what do you think?

Has anyone with the Cycra TC mount handguards had trouble with the TC bracket being in the way of the front brake cable? I just installed my Cycras two weeks ago and noticed this. Now my front brake lever is run a bit lower than normal. Any solutions out there? :)

AINT NO WIVE'S tale!!!!!!!

I was at two races in a row that it happened.

The first was a woman that came off of the side of the bike and planted both feet. She stopped but the bike kept going but pulled to the side and as it drug her forward, she pulle the bike sideways while holding on. She didnt let go and her wrist fell thru the gaurd and grip , breaking the wrist! :)

Second was.......

A guy got bucked / kicked forward doing a kiss of death....(trying to immitate me!!) the bike was still on the ground. He did a handstand for about 50-80ft adn finally fell thru the grip/gaurd and the body continued thru SNAPPING the wrist! OUCH!!!!!!!!!

Dont get me wrong......the Acerbis Rallye are the very best for offroad riding/bark bustin'!!!

I had them on my 400 and will get them for MY 4-5-0

Do NOT buy ANY immitations!! They are all inferior to the Acerbis!

I have had a couple others and have had friends with a couple others and ABSOLUTELY NONE compare the the durability and reliability of the Acerbis.



$4.50 :D

I agree with the former TRH, you can break your hand/wrist with metal hand guards. Trust me on this one- in May I slid my front tire off a trail and ended up going over the front of the bike- my hand got caught in the guard somehow and the bone that connects my thumb to my wrist got broke. I'm still having problems with it (partially because I had a similar injury earlier that went away with time, I realized I broke it this time two months later). Just keep the front tire in front of your noggin and you should be fine! :)

Has anyone with the Cycra TC mount handguards had trouble with the TC bracket being in the way of the front brake cable?

Yeah, there is a definite intereference there. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, my brake line was already bent from a crash when I had less sturdy guards on there. I won't say what kind they were, but the name started with an "A" and ended with a "cerbis Pro Rally." :) The brake line still works but has a distinct bend right near the master cylinder which causes the line to miss the TC mount for the guard.

This has come up on a thread before and I believe the only solution is repositioning the brake perch as you have described.

Thanks they really look trick

No my WR450 I am told by Yamaha will only be here the first week of December

And I will post as soon as it arrives

The Wait is killing me

Ive broke my wrist with Meijer Bark Busters and the white cups that screw on. I went over the bars and by wrist stayed in place. OUCH!!!!! You aint felt pain till the doc starts pushin the bones in your wrist in place. I almose blacked out. :)

I now use the Acerbis Rally gards. the plastic ones that wrap around. I love them. They are almost indestructible. As stated before, DONT BUY IMITATIONS. They will all break. Only buy Acerbis if you are going plastic.

I have seen that happen where the Hand is thrown right through and pinned. My bud along time ago shattered his wrist at Clear Creek Calif. I have never used them since. That was the nastiest Break I have ever seen.

They are good and have there advantages but I witnessed the disadvantage when pined backwards between a tree. :)

Beside when your as fast I am there is no rock throwing unless you on a lapper :D I dont even get Dusty or dirty

Hey, Ego, that hand dragging in your turning style can't be to good for the wrists. :D You might want to rework that technique a little. :)

As far as plastic goes, I would concur that Acerbis does make good stuff. The all plastic design for MX shields (the Rally?) is good and also a nice looking unit. They do take a beating. :D

However, for a true offroad "guard", the Pro Rally has some design problems as Hick has noted. I did not like them at all and they gave me nothing but headaches trying to keep the straightened out and they did not really offer much collision protection, they are too soft.

The Cycra/GYTR design is the best and they are very solid. The distinctive feature of the "Pro Bend" allows you to get your hands out of the guard more easily and is the feature that first attracted me to the product. I have wrenched my hand pretty good a couple times when "dismounting" off to the side with the conventional straight bend on most metal guards. You could still get your arm stuck in there in a frontal dismount, though (that sounds very painful). However, my hands would be hamburger right now from trees and rocks if I didn't ride with a guard and the plastic ones wouldn't help much. :D

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