Clutch basket issues

Well after getting very few replies on my previous clutch basket post I figured I would proceed with the tear down to find out what was making all the noise in my bottom end.

So here are some pics!



I think this means I need a new basket. There is about 3/4 of a tooth worth of play by hand and only one spring even starts to get compressed. The rest of the springs are free to rattle around in their cages!

Previous Post:

not an expert on this clutch but i think your prolly right. Wonder if theres a way to take the rivets off and replace the springs to tighten it up? It has to be able to be done just wonder if its worth it or not

really hard to see the teeth in those pics. how do the faces of the teeth look? i cant remember what noise you were having either. if im not mistaken, i BELEIVE those springs will have a slight amount of play in their places.

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