I'll never sell! (Pic thread)

I love my bike, and I will never sell it. The money I could get back just dosn't seem like it will ever be worth it. Keeper! :)

post pics if you want, if you don't know how, yet have one. Email it to me and I'll post it



I'm sure I'll trade it in sometime in the future.....if the wife lets me :) If not, I'm happy


I will keep mine until it dies, then get another used one and swap all my parts to it. :)


I plan on keeping it awhile. Probaly 4 more years. By that time there should be some killer bikes out, that I just can't resist. :)


im sure i will always have new bike.its just my nature.but the trusty drz will always be in the garage too.i couldnt live with my self if i sold it.what would i ride be riding if had bought a new ktm and the triple clamp recall had popped up?my drz that what! :cool:20 years from now it will be one those bike that collectable.every body that sold there will be kicking them selves.i will still have mine.all the work i did has sentimental value.helped me thru some rough times in my life having something occupy me.


got to get some new pics this one is from last year when i got the bike, its changed a bit since.

I have had a lot of fun with it and with all you on here so i'd like to hang on to old bluey for another year :)


vrecksler - NICE looking bike, that thing looks like a tank! And I don't mean heavy and slow :)

That was then >>>>


>>>And this is now :D If I want to sell it I go for a ride and that all changes :)


My truck and bikes are always for sale...for the right price! I don't own anything now that I'd want to keep forever.

Well since i added the new exhaust and sticker kit I've changed my mind and keeping it another 6months :)

But seriously thinking about a WR450 for next year.

So this will prolly be for sale then..

Nothing lasts forever..... DSCF0091640x480.jpg

I swore I would never sell my CR and I did. I said I would never sell my KX and I did. But, this time i'm serious. I will never sell my DRZ.....well, unless it's to trade for a NEW one.



I'll sell....someday. Not right now and not for a while. But it will be sold.

OK, looks like I need help. Any suggestions on how to get my photo displayed? Also, how do you delete a post?

Thank you.

midlife, your trying to post the whole page. For the correct URL, right click on your photo and go to properties. That will give you the URL for your photo.

Not going anywhere very happy with it. EVMP0117.JPG

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