Looking at Husaberg's FE400

I'm new to this site & the whole "NON"-Jap bike scene, but I decided to get a bike. I did some homework & figured the Euro bikes are the best bet. I intend to convert it or buy a dual sport.

I seem to be leaning toward an older Husaberg FE400. These bikes seem to be the lightest for the size, and the late '90's models are in my price range. There seem to be a lot of FE400's out there but not too many FE400E's. So my questions are....

-How hard & expensive is it to convert a FE400 to a FE400E?

-Do I really need to worry about E-start w/these bike?

-How hard is it to convert A FE400 or FE400E to be street


P.S. I was also looking at ATK's, Husky'S & KTM's

they say if you can really really try you should, to get a 2000+ husey. they made major changes to the engine and made it very reliable as well as the leccy boot being fitted.

the newer bike you get the better they are and in general a newer model of another manufacturer will be better than someone elses.

yes they're very light and all the people who ride them, love them. i can't say that the top riders go for them over in the UK. the YZ/WR and now the CRF are all the rage.

can't tell you about the conversion ability either.

i would say that bar the electrics being a little mickey mouse, the rest is pure race bred engineering.

take my '99 WR. the paint fell off, the tubing was so weak that the paint fell off at the joins, thin walled mild steel bars that bent in your first fall, ice rink finish plastics and weighed a ton because everytthing was made on the cheap including the sussies. the japs have turned making everything ONLY JUST good enough into an art form.

the husey paint you can't scratch, everything is the best. magura juice clutch, fat bars with carmichael bend as standard.

you get a beautifully crafted quality machine.


i have a 2002 501 fee street legal

i'm in montreal so canadian money...

could be a great buy for you

i even can drive it to broome at the end of the month

i ask for 6300$us

the bike as about 5-7 hours


Hey guys thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the good info Taffy! I would like to get the newest bike financially possible. But one of the reasons I'm looking at late'90's models is because of price. A 2000 maybe possible for me but I'll have to wait & see.

Thanks for the offer Rocket, but that's a little rich for my blood.

Hey Rocket I noticed you're from the Prov. of Quebec, is your username by any chance taken from Maurice Rocket Richard or just your riding?

hockey guy ?

both i played good hockey and when i started to race

i was a bit to agressive like Rocket Rex so...

if you change your mind on the price range

call back

see you


This buddy of mine has a really nice 98 FE400E for sale in Ontario, Canada. He bought it brand new in 98 for the 6 days in the USA and hasnt ridden it much since. Email Joe for more details lvdrrider@netscape.net .

Hey Scrappy, how rich is your blood? I have a 2000 ATK 490 Dual Sport registered in PA. I live in Connellsville (I see you're from Monongahela). I love the bike for dual sporting, but for the right price (?), I would be willing to part with it and go completely off-road. I weigh 155 lbs and the ATK is just a tad heavy for me in the woods. It has plenty of power, but with the combo of power, weight, and my low weight, it can be a beast in tight trails.

Thanks for the offer. I was looking at ATK's 1st but availability of ATK's in the Eastern US & their wieght is what had me looking more towards 'Bergs. Besides I average about 152, so it'll be worse for me.

And can't get the finances 'till sping, when we pay off the wife's car. so I'm gonna have to wait for a bike.


Scappy, do you have any good (somewhat legal) riding places in our area?

Hey! Don't feel too bad about riding an ATK! By "reading the mail" of some of the other groups I found out that a stock DRZ-400E weighs about what my stock dual sport ATK 605 weighs and the popular DRZ-400S is even heavier. Also, a properly modified and dual sported XR-400 is within a couple pounds of an ATK thumper. These are all without fuel. And, my ATK didn't need suspension work, engine work, new bars, etc. etc. etc!

Course, the "Berg" is still much lighter than an ATK, but an ATK does O.K. for itself. It doesn't feel as heavy as some of the more popular Oriental bikes do.

Norm Matzen

Norm, I don't feel bad, but it's all about the Benjamins. You know how we freaks are. It's fun to sell and to start all over again with something "new and different". Anyway, I ride with two CR250s and one CR450f (all about the same skill level) and I've left those guys wondering how my "turn-signaled 300-pounder" turned and climbed better than theirs, then as they're loading up on the pick-up trucks, I speed by at 70MPH and blow my horn on my way home. Plus, it's made in AMERICA. How can you go wrong?

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