Is anyone riding the Utah color tour 10-19 ?

Hey, anyone out there going to ride the Utah Color Tour Dual Sport on 10-19?

Yep, got my pre entry last week. I'm rider #81.

This is a yearly event for me. The terrain is not that challenging but the scenery is great.

I did get snowed on a couple of years back. Bring plenty of cold weather gear just in case.

Can you post any details. Where, time, $, website, etc.

Thanks :)

That was my first dual sport about 3 or 4 years ago. I had not ridden in 10 years. Did a little local riding and then did the color tour. It beat the living crap out of me. But it was BEUTIFUL! And really cool. I didn't even know they were still doing it. I would have done it for sure this year, but now I have a scheduling confict. Memories "when in sand, gas it!" I had no idea what that meant (no sand in ohio) and the sand won that battle. "guess what our favorite ice cream is?" that endend up being the rockiest road I have EVER been on.

Have fun!

--marc :)

The ride details can be found here

Dist. 37 Dual Sport Calender

The ride is on Oct. 19 and 20 out of St. George Utah.

The Promoter is Jim Pilon, Tour N' Trail Promotions with the assistance of the Rev. Ron Loomis of Las Vegas, NV

Jim's phone number can be found on the website....I think. I recommend you call before you drive. There is a rider limit and a bike inspection before sign up.

I will be there, I have rider # 108.

I am riding Saturday only.

bump, back to top of the forum.

Any other TTer's going to the Color Tour this weekend?

XRDezRat # 108 and

zaknavage #81 will be there.

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