1st trail ride and pics

SeeBee (from the XR650 forum) and I headed out on Saturday for the Windy Gap trail located in Chatsworth, Georgia. We got a late start and did not actually hit the trail until about 4PM. This was my first time off road in many years and we agreed to start out with something easy to intermediate for our first outing. The trails were not marked and we took a turn leading us onto what is described below as trail #2.

"Trail #2. Marked "Expert Only". You begin with a hill climb over rocks and roots. The trail then makes many difficult uphill switch backs. Then the trail goes over LARGE rocks and slow difficult areas. Finally, this trail dead ends into a dirt road. The only way back to the main trail is by reversing course on Trail #2. This trail is single track and approximately 5.5 miles in length. Designation: Most difficult."

We rode for a little over 13 miles over many rocks, wet boulders, logs, roots and slippery wet Georgia clay. Most of the ride was in 1st and 2nd gear. There were a few awkward moments, but neither of us fell and returned with no damage.


creek crossing


SeeBee's 650L



Looks like you need some knobbies!!! :)

That creek crossing picture looks like 60% of the trails in my area. roots/rocks/roots/mud/water/rocks...




You guys picked quite possible some of the most difficult, as the trail description says, mountainous, rocky, and generally hard terrain that there is in the North GA mtns :). I've not ridden my DirtBike up there yet, but have ridden my MTB at Windy Gap for years and it is a bitch! Did you go all the way to the top to Potatoe Patch road - where the trail dead ends into the gravel road? If so, you did a damn good job traversing the 180 degree, off-camber switchbacks up the side of the mountain. And what about the giant rock garden with the cliff and subsequent huge dropoffs up towards the top of the trail?

Congrats, if you completed that loop with no mishaps then I owe you a cold one! And, we need to change your name from Cautious1 to Hellian1!!

I could have turned you on to some much more sane areas for your first off road ride - gimme a call next time.

JoeDRZ and I did an 85 mile ride on Saturday morning up in the Chattahoochee national forest - we climbed up to a couple of beautiful gaps: Winding Stair Gap, Nimblewill Gap, Neel's Gap and one other I think. We also crossed over the App. Trail on the back side of Springer mtn and rode down to Amicalola Falls for the breathtaking view of the 750 foot drop down the falls.

It was a fun day - except for the 2 blown fork seals I ended up with. Oh well.

Good job on Windy Gap. Did you do Milma and Tibbs also?


Blk Rfl, that's exactly what the terrain in the North GA mtns looks like. Heavy and dense tree cover, moss covered rocks, lots of streams, and other stuff right down to a pair of DRZ's on the trail :)!


Hollywood :D

Yup, looks like I'd be right at home :D gotta love it.

My wife spent many years in Georgia (Jeckyl Island area) - maybe I'll talk her into going to visit some time :)

Jekyll is a great place - I went to college in Savannah and spent a lot of time in Jekyll - it's a fun place.

Give us a ring if you get down this way!!



Thanks Hollywood - same goes if you ever get up this way.

And the view from the top ( I mean 'a' top they're everywhere)


Good to be back on trail again isn't it :)

Your Pics look like a lot of trails here too, miles of fun.

New knobbies will make a big difference, also i notice you have the stock mirrors on , they are heavy and very easily broken and snap the perch easy too, i forgot to remove mine before trail riding once and got all the way home and just touched one on the corner of the wood pile in my yard, very easily broken :D

Happy trails


looks like you guys had a good time. the terrain looks similar to that of south central tenn. thanks for the pics, i will have to take some pics of our trails and post.

Talk about a trial by fire ! :) Glad you made it you can go anywhere now :D By the way beautiful country you guys ride in. You know how to make a desert rat envious

I'll take you up on that sometime! My inlaws live on the Coast of Maine and we generally spend a couple weeks each summer up there - next year I plan to bring my bike - so maybe a trip over to NH will be in order!

Mike :)

Sounds good - I live near Portsmouth, NH right on the coast. Of course anyone up this way - let me know! It's a great reason to have a couple beers. :)

hey that sounds good, i think i will have a beer now

Sorry cautious1, kind of got off track here. Must be my last beer kicking in :D Damn, I've already drank one beer for each of you :)

I'm really not sure where we were. The trails are not marked well at all. I believe we were on Windy Gap and possibly Tibbs. The creek crossing was about the halfway point and we dead ended at a gate at the main road accessing Windy Gap. We jumped on the road and traveled back to the gravel road leading to the parking area (the beauty of the Dual Sport).

I sure could have used a refreshment at the halfway mark, so I've ordered a CamelBak for the next trip. I'm looking into a better digital cam and will take more pictures the next time.

It really felt great to get off road. I'm game if any N. Georgia riders want to invite me on your next outing.

What'd I tell ya... the dirt's addictive!!!

Come along on the next dualsport up in the mtns - you'll have a blast!

Mike :)

PS, did you get muddy at all? I bet that erked you!!

This dirt? Notice the position of the hose the next afternoon.



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