Proper handlebar height / style

I'm planning to buy a wr 450 as soon as it touches the ground of Quebec. I might have to ride on studded tires :) . The dealer advise me to change right away the stock handlebar. He tells me that because of my size(6'2'' 225 pds), the stock unit will not fit me. But before I take what he tells me for granted, I want to know what are the effects of higher/wider/narrower/etc bars? Also what is the most confortable model ? I was thinking of using the stock unit until I wreck it. And then get an after market model, but wich one has the most bang for the $$$$ ?

I would agree... Im 6'1 and have Renthal 'Button' bend bars on my bike. they are wider than stock at a bit taller. you can really feel the difference. Ive switch back and forth from a stock WR to mine. The stock bars feel like they belong on a tricycle compaired to a nice wide set.

I second the nomination for Jimmie Buttons. I'm 6'5" and might go even higher with blocks. Besides, there is no pointed ruining a good day riding because you dropped your bike and pretzeled your handlebars.

Shawn :)

I would think about changing bars before you wreck or it may cut short your day of riding. The stock bars are made out of steel that has the make up as warm butter. Not sure about what bend your looking for but I will put in my vote for Pro Tapers. I have had good luck not bending them and have ridden with them on both my bikes for several years with no bent bars. I use to bend the Renthals about 2 times a year. Sorry I couldn't help with the style question.

Go with the Buttons. I'm 6'4" and there is nothing like 'em!!! :)

Hey Sylvain I am 6'1" and 230 I ride a 02 wr 426f and I rode a few times with the stock bars. They were ok I rolled them 3 inchs foward. But when you hit the dirt the stock bars bend really easy. I went pro-tapers in the cr high bend and they are perfect for me. They stood up to some of my worst wrecks with no damage. :)

Hey Thumpers, Im 6'2 205 and am also looking at some new bars. I had Renthals on my old cr 250 but I would like to go and try pro tapers. Since I am taller, what should I aim for as far as height/bend ect. It seems like theres alot to choose from and I only want to buy 1 set for now. I still have the stockers on my 02 wr426. They suck!! Thanks

I'm a little over 6ft. and just recently switched from Renthals to Pro Taper KX bend. I think they are the tallest bars they make. I love the feel - alot more room and they make riding while standing alot more comfortable. I was told that the KX bend was originally problematic due to too much sweep - but they corrected that problem and now are alot straighter.

I'm 6'1" and love my CR double high bend TAGS. If you standup when you ride they are the way to go in my opinion. I also have the upper and lower triple clamps that are adjustable.


Thanks ;)for all of you for the inputs on this matter. I decided to go with the Jimmie Buttons style handlebar right away.

Have a good day

im 6,2 and ride with the cr double highs and 10mm+ risers. i also lowered the foot pegs. bike is perfect. the bars are 125mm high now cause of tyhe risers. that is taller than pastrana free styles witch are 121mm alone.


I'd try riding the bike and see how it fits you. Then get some bars to suit your body type.

Height. The easiest to figure out. Try standing and

sitting. Usually, taller bars are better for standing.

Sweep. Straighter bars will force your elbows up.

More sweep allows you to ride with your elbows down.

I recently put the Renthal Ricky Charmichael bar on my bike. I wanted less sweep than the stock XR, but might have gone a touch too straight. The added height is great.

Check the specs for the stock bar, then figure out how you want to change the position.

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