Gutz Racing Tall Seat Foam and Gripper Cover

Here's the answer to the hard assed seat that comes on our YZFs and WRs.


This application is a 2006 WR450.

It's the complete tall seat foam kit, SOFT.

Also, the all blue gripper seat cover, which has the texture of an avocado.

As you can see the contour is perfectly flat now. I'm 5'11" tall and it makes me tippy toe just a bit but the foam is nice and cushy now, very comfortable.

I had it installed at a local upholstery joint for $30. The whole kit is a bit over $100 for both the foam and cover.

No change in the width or the general profile other than being taller and much, much softer. When I handled the foam before installation, I was worried it was too soft as its really squishy. After installation, to me, it's the perfect soft. Not anywhere near as soft as that xR600 but a helluva lot softer than the stock piece of 2x4 that came on the bike.


I have the Gutz soft tall foam as is cushy, a little too cushy for me but it is comfortable:thumbsup:

By the pics I can see that Moto Goalie has the first generation gripper cover which is good, I had two WR's with this cover (and tall foam) and they both lasted as long as the bike did... I orderd one up for my 07' and realized right away that they had changed the mat'l and it failed after the first race. I contacted them and they said the old mat'l had been discontinued and that they suggested the competition cover... I had been so happy with GUTS up till then that I said OK and ordered the competition cover. I have not installed yet but I hope it will outlast the other cover:ride:

I got a medium and it was too soft for me and ardered a hard one. It is great after it wears in. I could feel the frame with the medium, the soft has to be like a fluffy couch cushion.

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