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Garretts Memorial Art Work Link

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If it would help out, we would be willing to donate a shopping cart setup with hosting to facilitate the sale of products associated with the Garrett Berg Memorial Fund.

We (and I) are a group of programmers that perform contract work for everything from Banks, to Harvard & MIT, Continuing Education sites, to regular ecommerce web sites.

We have our own point-and-click shopping cart application which resides on the Internet, that is hosted on our servers (It's super easy to use.. no programming experience needed, etc..).

Obviously we normally charge for this to our clients.

If this would help you sell a product or range of products on Garrett Berg's behalf, we would be happy to provide this free of charge for as long as you need it.

We can help you expedite a merchant account or if you would rather not deal with the setup issues associated with merchant accounts, we can hook up the shopping cart to IBILL or CCBILL etc... which would allow for quick deployment. We could probably have you setup in a day.

Please contact me if you need our services... and yes I will be purchasing a T shirt.

Tony Garcia

ArchSoftware (661) 286-8868 x 101

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