Is anyone still racing their YZ400F?

I bought the YZ 400 new in 1999 and really liked the bike. Sort of heavy, not an easy turning bike, and not the traditional power delivery I liked the most, but still a fast and fun bike. Is anyone still racing the 400 in any serious racing class ? If so, how competitive is the bike today? And did the bike turn out as reliable as its' reputation suggests?

incredibly reliable bike, still solid as a rock. I have a 99 yz400f

I do not race that much, but freeride at tracks quite often, and unless the rider is a lot faster, I feel mine does great against all of the newer bikes. In fact when a faster rider comes flying around me, I can still jump on their tail for a half lap or so and keep up with them just fine. the power is there coming out of turns and the thing is really easy to ride tracks with.

A bit help for me came when I installed a JD jet kit and 48 pilot in the carb. Bike has never stalled in a corner since and the power is really strong from the very bottom all the way to the top.

I wish that jet kit was available when I rode the 400. The bike would stall too easy (maybe I should have rode it faster) and the bike lacked low-end to some degree, although it did rev to the moon !

I feel like the YZ400/426's are still competitive. Its a fact that they don't handle as well as the newer 450's, but I still feel like its a great race bike. (Doug Henry proved that)

I occasionally race mine on a MX track and I do a lot of woods riding and a hand full of hare scrambles too. And I can clearly say that the bike isn't whats holding me back from greatness.

Of course I want a newer 450 (I've been looking for awhile), but my 426 will always have a spot in my garage. :banghead:

I raced my 426 up until January of 2007. It was competitive in the beginner class, that's for sure. I think the motor is still excellent for racing, it's the weight and handling that made me get a newer bike. I'm still using my 426 for trail riding.

You still see a lot of 400s (both YZF and WRF) in the des.

There are a lot of them around still, a testiment to Yamis reliability. But I also see and read about alot of them here and on other sites that are failing from way way way too many hrs w/o properly maintaining the motors....10years old wow how time has flown.

i bought my 99 about a year ago now I guess and have been very impressed. it is heavy, but I came off a 250 2 stroke. it has been about as realible as an anvil and from what i can tell, the only valve shim change was when i put the hot cams exhaust cam in it, i got the oe manual with it with all the times the valves had been chekd. When you look at how small of a motor it is and how good it runs, it is pretty ok. The only racing I do with mine is racing with the other guys i trail ride with, but the old blue bike sure holds it own. And it is way faster than this over 40 rider will ever ride it. It gains speed alot faster than you realize! I have had to learn to grab a half of a handful of throttle at times instead of just pinning it.


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