my bike passed the DMV inspection, or re-inspection, about an hour ago. A friend helped me with the final preparations yesterday evening, so the headlight was ok, brakelight worked, etc etc.

Now I just have to wait for the OK from the DMV to get registered, so I can insure the blue best - maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, I will drive it in earnest on Saturday :D even if all the DMV stuff isn´t finnished by then I WILL drive :) . I have waited long enough now, the urge to drive needs to be satisfied :D .

Hopefully I will write a racereport on Monday.

Se ya,


Congrats dude...We know you've put alot of time into this...Enjoy

Bonzai :)

Hey Fred!

The beast is now loose! Running AND legal! A set of buddy pegs and you'll be cruisin' for chicks!

(Nothing like a wheelie machine for getting 'em to hold on tight) :D

Good Job!

Hey Yamakazee, I think I need to do like you and add more goodies to my bike & tag line. It might make my posts look shorter... :)

[ April 04, 2002: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

Yeeesss!!! Again.

Called the insurance company this morning and yepp, the info from DMV had been logged at the correct database so I could (and did) insure my Scoot :D . Then I went to the homepage of the goverment that keeps track of all motorvehicles (yes snowmobiles too) and requested, from that page, that I wanted my WR to be fully, totally and legally registered - it took 0.3 millisec´s and it was done :) .

This means that my bike is now totally legal and I can go off-roading tomorrow with a clear concsience (sp?) :D:D:D:D

I´ll let You know on Monday how it went!

Se ya,


Congratulations! I was lucky, my dealer registered mine as a street bike. I had a tag in hand the very same day. toook about a month to make it reallly street legal though. maybe there is something good to be said about Ohio

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