Going to San Diego for Xmas

My wife's flying me down on sunday.Kinda bummed, be the first time with out my pig and with me and not be able to hit all my fav riden spots:thumbsdn: Just wont be the same.

LOL wanna rent mine? im sure youll have fun and not miss it too much

I could get the wife to bring mine,if I was able to ride(she's driving down,I could'nt stand the 7 hr. ride right now)The Doc say's my neck is still broke,even tho they let out of the Halo.Prob have more surgery mid Jan. Thank's for the rental but my wife would kill me:banghead:

you wouldnt want to rent DENN's bike its an L!:busted::banghead:

LMAO and martins is GHEY with side bags like his rear end!!

Rode the crap out of my L(still a fun bike)when I had it.Rode it all the way to Mammoth and back(able to clear the big double they had that year).Hope you guy's are just funin each other and not startn a fued.

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