My new used XR650R

2003 Honda XR650R

616 total miles

one owner, well now I'm the second owner.


Honda de restricting kit

Jet kit

XR's Only side plate air intake

UNI foam air filter

FMF full stainless exhaust

Baja Designs Quick Release kit with larger headlight

Baja Designs rear fender with license plate holder and turn signals

Scotts Steering Dampener

Scotts Triple clamp

Pro Taper Bar

Eibach springs front and rear

Analog speedometer/odometer

Included all original parts except exhaust system

Factory Service manual

Owners manual

Exhaust system tape, yet to be installed

Moose bag on seat

all paper work for farkles

New unopened Honda bottles of all required fluids

Oil was changed every other ride, coolant once

Original front tire

New rear tire

I was banging a wheelie doing 40 to 50 mph on first test ride. SWEET.

This bike has enough torque to win a shoving match with an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank!

Bike is plated for the street

This bike is a blast to ride!

All for $3000

Man you got ripped off! $3000 for that?? Well since it's Christmas and Im in the giving mood I'll buy the bike from you for that price so you can have a piece of mind!! Just kid'n, Nice Score!:banghead:

i take it you guys are vegas?

Nice thats 2 of us brand new R owners in Vegas this month.

Tearing mine down for some clean/greasing but I'll be up and riding again mid Jan.

Need to do a big Vegas BRP thing.

Well that makes it three of us in the Vegas area that has an BRP! As soon as zimak gets his bike back together we should make it a 650 day ride?


She's back together and running like the raped ape she is.

Unfortunately I'm heading out...driving to Baja tonight but I'll be back next Thursday.

Will hit you guys up then.

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