the 03 CRF450R manual says to take forks apart....

The 03 CRF450R manual says to take forks apart after the first several hours of riding. To clean and inspect for debris. is this really necessary?

I've had my 02' since last Oct. and never took them apart and NO problems what so ever. Now if you know how to do it(I don't) and it does not take long........then I would.

Plus I've had my 03' for 3 1/2 months and that has not even crossed my mind.

Its not totally necessary within the first several hours but it should be done. You do get some debris and metal particles that can possibly due damage to your seals and bushings in the long run. A buddy of mine has an 02 cr 250 and rides the thing almost every week and hasn't had a problem so far. I did mine after about 15 hours. You can probably let it go for a bit depending on how often and what terrian you rid but definatly put it in your future maintenance. Your local suspension shop should be able to do it for you for less than $70. Mine cost me $50 but I supplied the fork oil. Hope this helps

yes it should be done.

i have 5 rides on my 03 and took the forks apart last night and found metal shaving in them. shavings about the size of a piece of rice, but a little thinner and a little longer, found about two of them.

takes about 30 minutes to dissassemble the forks if you know what you are doing.

As stated above, I would put about 5 good rides on the bike, and then have the suspension serviced. This will get rid of all the debris from the initial break in, and you will only be out labor and oil cost as the bushings and seals will still be fine.

Just like changing the motor oil--it's important to do after the initial break in period because that is when the most wear happens and oil contamination.

If youve never taken apart the new Showa forks its quite an experience. especially if your used to the kybs on yamahas.

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