1998 WR400 For Sale

I have finaly upgraded to a 02 WR426! And LOVE IT! I'm selling my 98 WR400 It's in Great condition! Well maintained and taken care of. Titled $3800. Please pass it along!

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Ray that's a tad High for a 98 model....I just picked up a 99 YZ400 from a dealer for $2500 It would have been worth about $800 more if the previous owner had left the Handguards /Skidplate and other goodies on it.

Good Luck.

Bonzai :)

i my self bought a 98 wr 400 with fmf pipe jetting tuned in dualsport kit skid plate bark busters, and new plastic for 3400 last year no less. Only had 500 miles on it. I have tripled lthat though. So check you price dude

Thanks for your input guys...

I will never sell a bike again with accessories on it.

Take the accessories off, put it back to as stock as possible and sell the aftermarket goodies on here or e-bay.

Most people that look to buy a bike dont consider the hefty prices of aftermarket parts and dont want to pay extra for that stuff.

Trust me on this one. I got my a$$ handed to me when I sold my XR600.

if i was going to sell my 98 wr.i would ask $6000

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