Horse power?

How much horse power do you get out of the airbox mod for the ttr-125l? :)

A bit. :) Not much really. :D But anything is better than a stocky.

What are you guys doing to the airbox? Just cutting the top pff and taking the screen out.

go to and go to the airbox mod it will tell how to do it.

I wouldn't suggest doing that mod. You do have to re jet afterwards and it won't amount to much. Pro circuit T 4 or BBR exhaust systems will help you out alot. These mods will help you go off the jumps higher and clear the doubles easier. Because they give you more air you must get the suspension fix first. Otherwise you will be bottoming out horribly.

cool well I just order the pro circuit t-4 last night how long did it take you to get yours?

Good, you will not be disapointed with the it. Be sure to re jet, it screams after the re jet. I got mine off dennis kirk so it took about 5-6 days.

thanks for every thing you helped me out the way I live at about 7'700 feet what size jet should I get?

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