Too light/inexperienced for a 450?

Hey Y'all, I am a buck 60 wet and an intermediate (yet semi-agressive) woods/trails rider, and I am looking to get off the XR250 and into something faster. I have narrowed it down to the YZ250F and the CRF450. My experienced riding buddy thinks that the CRF (or any 450)might be too damn much bike for my weight/experience. Anyone out there who fits my profile that can help?


just picked up the YZ450F (got an '02 250F for sale, by the way). I'll let you know how they compare for me when I actually get to ride it (hopefully Thurs.).


Ok, I'm holding you to that ride comparison! It will be interesting to hear your comparison. BTW -how much do you weigh and how much experience do yo have.


If you are riding mostly trails/woods you really should be looking at the WR line. the YZF and CRF are excellent MX machines but can be a little tough for trail/woods situations. Especially the YZ450F, it only has 4 gears and was made specifically for the MX track. I had a WR and one of the biggest differences that I can see with the YZF is the flywheel. The WR could be lugged around and it would never stall. The YZF and CRF have lighter flywheels and need to be clutched much more.

IMHO the WR250 or the YZ250F with a few trail friendly mods would work well for you. Good luck

Lost 10lbs since you came over from the CR450 forum huh? LOL

I reckon that the WR250F is y9our ideal bike... there is nothing else in it's class from a Japanese manufacturer, and even if you do get to outgrow it and want a 450, it will hold it's value reasonable well... you will be hanging of the back of the 250F like a flag on fire-trails if you want to, or you will be able to lug it through creek beds and then up the river bank...

Get a ride on a WR250F, you will not look back...


I think you would like the 250 better. At your weight, the 250 will move you around real well, especially in the woods. And coming off an XR250, you will be thrilled with the performance/handling characteristics. I weigh 165lb and would probably ride "B" desert and "A" enduro. I used to ride a CR500 and ride a WR250 now. No regrets.

I see you are a Sports Center fan too. buck 60 -LOL

Your weight is no factor in the decision you are plenty big, your skill level -intermediate & how much athleticism (Sports Center term) you have may be more of a factor. I would try to borrow a 450 & test it out, it handles extremely well. I am sure you will fit on the duce & a half so really no need to try it out.

Good Luck!

Good info guys.

It does seem I lost 10 LB from the CRF discussion Ha ha!

I was all hot for the WR until I got to reading about how many mods it takes to hop the WR up close to YZ specs. The wide gearing is attractive but the weight is not. E-start is awesome but paying for the weight is not. 208 lbs (dry)YZ 250f is very attractive and im sure easier to toss around in tight woods. flywheel weight or revloc will be important tho. HOWEVER>>> the '03 WR 250 is still an unknown in the weight category and maybe Yammy can pull a rabbit out of a hat and make a super light e-magic WR 250. We'll see. did I mention that i will be racing HS and Poker runs all next year? should that affect my decision?



maybe Yammy can pull a rabbit out of a hat and make a super light e-magic WR 250

LOL now thats funny. :)

You will find that the 250 is a lot better weight wise than the 426... YZ or WR... and if you need to put a flywheel weight, lights etc on the YZ, then you will weigh near enough to a WR at the end anyway...

The advantages of the WR are:

Wider ratio box, already setup for lights and heavier flywheel, you can lose a few LBJ's easily, with a pipe and what not, and you can get the same performance as the YZ for basically free, just some of your time... and a few jets... Suspension will always be a personal thing on bikes, so on either one you may want to get some gold valves or such, I think the stock springs would be about right for your weight, once you put on some gear and a backpack and toolbag...


I am a new rider and went out and bought an '02 WR250F this spring as my first bike. I weigh about 175 pounds without gear. I did the mods on the WR and really enjoyed it in the woods. I found myself doing more track riding, so I sold the WR. I was ready to pick up an '03 YZ250F as the replacement. I also had my eye on an '03 CRF450. Unfortunately, I was not able to test ride any bikes. I flipped a coin and went out and bought the '03 CRF450.

The CRF450 is a completely different animal than the Yamaha 250. It has tons of power and is geared to go fast. You can ride it at low rpm's as opposed to winding up the 250.

I only have a couple rides on the CRF450. As a fairly inexperienced rider, the verdict is still out. I find myself not having as much fun as I had on my 250. I'm still in the learning phase with the CRF and find myself overjumping doubles and not feeling real comfortable with it yet. I also find myself more tired after riding the CRF.

My opinion could change after I give the CRF some time. But if I had to do it all over again, I would have purchased the 03 YZ250F, then maybe jumped up to the 450 later if I felt I needed more power. Especially if I was coming from an XR250.

Just my experience so far.


That is EXACTLY the kind of feedback I was looking for. Thanks for posting!

ps Post again or PM me with more input after you get more riding time on the CRF under your belt.


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