Chowin' down...hungry?!


Damn, that hurts getting punched in the mouth :)

What the hell is that??? looks like after my wisdom teeth were taken out....

Oh god what I would do for some of <font color="brown"> THESE!!!


mmm...ribs.... :)

I just poured a bunch of "Nestle Quick" chocolate sauce into my mouth and the neighbour snapped a pic as I grossed her out! :)

This is what happens when tongue-piercings go horribly wrong!

HMMMMMMM RIBS...............

TOTALY OT, but now im thinkin about ribs. damn the ribs at chevy's are just AWESOME. I could pull the bone out of the meat like real ribs should be. And the BBQ sauce was a sweet wiskey type. Worth every penny for the FULL rack. and added bonus' are the cute girls that host and serve there. :)

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