Knee braces. What to get?

I'm looking at getting the Asterisk Cell or maybe the XO Skeleton Rage for my knee which is just waiting to pop the ACL. (old injury). I was wondering what you guys thought of knee braces and which ones did well. Any useful info is appreciated. :)

Go on the CR450F board and search for "knee", we beat this to death a few times over there! :)

My 2 cents? ASTERISKS or CTi's - both made by the same "ownership". GREAT customer service and solid products. ASTERISKS are a great value. CTi's are the best available, period(IMHO).

I have been without cartilage in my rt. knee for 30 years and it looks bad on xrays, but still goes good (little pain), but I have lost a lot of strength in it and as the Dr. says - the horse has left the barn. I opted for a custom fit Don Joy and like the rigidity of it, but am a bit disappointed with the fit, but feel this is due to the brace specialist I'm seeing and the order he turns in to Don Joy (it's too bulky from them trying to shift my knee back in and doesn't conform like an off the shelf unit would). Definitely recommend getting braces for both knees - it throws me out of balance with just one on or if they are not of the same caliber. Good Luck

I wear CTi braces and wouldn't ride without them now, but I've already enjoyed two knee operations. The only other brace I've tried was a CTi Edge (off the shelf) and it didn't come slose to fitting like my regular braces. Also I've heard lots of good about the Asterisk.

I've been riding with Asterisks for over a year now and would highly rec. them. It took a little while to get used to them but I hardly even notice them now.

Thanks. I did the search and it looks like most folks like the Asterisks. Think those are the ones. Now where to get them cheapest.......

Now where to get them cheapest.......

Check your P.M.'s

the tree if the brace doesnt fit well they will remake it for free.

i found the armour donjoy brace more comfortable then there custom made brace,, its a lot lower profile and was designed for ski/mx use

I have the CTI2's. My diagnosis was loose ACL (left knee) strained MCL (right knee). My doctor wrote me a script for both knees. Luckily, between my insurance and my wife's the final cost was $00 out of pocket.

After using them, I wouldn't ride without them. Several times I believe they have saved me from injury, IMO. They do take some getting used to.

If you have big calves make sure your boots will fasten with the braces on (no matter what brand you choose). Sometimes folks have to get the longer boot straps and use them around the calves of tech 8's. Make sure you choose riding pants with a big knee area and extra padding in the knees, if you value your graphics on your tank/shrouds.

Like steering dampers...... any is better than none at all.

Good luck,

So where was the cheapest? And how much?

I blew out my right knee ACL in March this year doing some knar down hill mountain biking. The actual accident was stupid, but here I am now with a bum knee (currently recovering). I did my surgery mid june and bought my new 525 EXC on August! (I needed aq fix but could not pedal standing up). Well, I leveled out with my orthopedist and he prescribed me 2 knee braces :). So my insurance picked up the bill for my CTi moto braces :D. The way they figure this out, is that they are providing preventive measures to avoid future injuries... (or so we hope). Anyway, this was the justification to get the left knee brace. So if you have a good insurance, talk to your doctor, he might help.

Before I got the CTi's, I was looking and fitted the Asterix ones. The CTi are bulkier but provide much more support. I have riden with them on 40 to 60 mile rides and they become part of you. The one thing I do have to do is use a "sock" on my leg to prevent the hinges from pinching my skin. I can't say how glad I am to have these things, because they have saved my weak knee many times. In that regard, I think the investment my insurance Co made in the braces has paid them off. An ACL injury costs over 15 grand, the custom fit braces go for 3 grand.

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