Dumb maint Question

I'm a newbie to the four-strokes,but I have about 10 rides 2 race on my 02 CRF450.It runs great,starts great.I still have in the factory plug,and have never adjusted the valves.Should I worry about this any time soon,or wait till winter? And how long is too long for a plug to be changed.

I've had the same plug for a year, maybe I'll change it this winter. you can check the valves to make sure they are in spec. change the oil every two rides, and keep a clean filter in it.

I check my valves every six months. I put a new spark plug in about the same time, not because its running bad. I just do it because I'm there.

However, I run a Yamaha. With what I've read about Honda valves you might want to check sooner.


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